Sports Elbow Brace
Sports Elbow Brace
Sports Elbow Brace
Sports Elbow Brace

Sports Elbow Brace

Our Sports Elbow Brace prevents harmful hyperextension - individually adjustable, anatomical fit, durable and easy to clean

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Sports Elbow Brace makes the arm’s elasticity easier to control during repeated throwing and overhead movements and protects the elbow from overextension. This relieves the joint and ligaments and reduces the risk of getting injured (again) or developing chronic pain.

The brace gently cushions arm extension during movement with an incorporated strap system that uses the wearer’s own muscle strength. Tension is applied to the strap system and it is fixed in place on the bent arm with a Boa® closure. The tension can be set precisely to the millimetre and released with ease. When the arm shoots forward quickly and powerfully, the strap system contracts together with a strap around the forearm, which triggers a slight warning pressure on the inside of the arm. The muscles’ counter-reaction to balance out the force then cushions it and takes the stress away from the elbow.

The compression exerted by the brace over a large area also stabilises the elbow, as well as activating the muscles and relieving pain during movement.

Material composition: 54% Polyamide, 10% Elastane, 9% Polyurethane, 7% Polyoxymethylene, 6% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, 5% Polyester, 4% Polycarbonate, 2% Copolymer based on Styrene-Ethylene-Butadiene, 1% Zink alloy (GD-ZnAl4Cu1), 1% Polypropylene, 1% High-Grade Steel

  • Prevents elbow hyperextension while throwing
  • Helps support and stabilise the joint
  • Precise and easy to use closure system
  • Natural motion remains intact, performance is not reduced
  • Optimised climate control during sports
  • Safe and comfortable fit with every movement
  • Durable, toxic-free product of robust quality

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Measure the circumference at the largest part of the biceps.

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