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Back Pain After Sports
Back Support

Back Pain After Sports

Do you often notice back pain after sports? Be careful with it! We give you some tips on how to treat or even prevent lower back pain.

Sports That Protect Your Joints

Sports That Protect Your Joints

Unleash the power of exercise! Explore sports that keep your joints healthy and manage joint pain.

RunningStart To Run Again

Start To Run Again

The most important thing to remember is: Start slowly! Your cardiovascular system will adapt to increased physical strain quite quickly. Your body’s support system of bones, muscles, tendons and li...

Compression SleevesHow To Increase Running Stamina

How To Increase Running Stamina

Struggling to increase the intensity or distance of your runs? Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy solution here. But there are a few key steps and other helpful tips to help you succeed. Fro...

WorkoutBest Supports for HIIT Workouts

Best Supports for HIIT Workouts

HIIT workouts can be an effective way to maximize your body’s potential, but the right support for your muscles and joints is key to avoiding injury.

Compression SleevesCompression Sleeves for Cycling

Compression Sleeves for Cycling

When you’re out on the bike pedaling powerfully, you need an optimal recovery routine to help your muscles rest and regenerate for the next ride. Compression sleeves like the Bauerfeind Sports Calf...

HikingHow To Prevent Hiking Setbacks

How To Prevent Hiking Setbacks

We want you to enjoy the outdoors year-round, so we've provided a list of three of the most common issues hikers face and how to limit the risk of or prevent them.

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