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Best Supports for HIIT Workouts

Best Supports for HIIT Workouts

HIIT workouts can be an effective way to maximize your body’s potential, but the right support for your muscles and joints is key to avoiding injury.

WorkoutHow to Prepare & Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

How to Prepare & Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

The 5 best tips for your new year's resolutions. New year, new luck - and new good resolutions, right? How disappointing that the average failure rate for New Year's resolutions is said to be about...

AchillesDownward Dog with Leg Lift Workout

Downward Dog with Leg Lift Workout

Searching for an exercise to strengthen and stretch your core, upper, and lower body? Add Downward Dog Leg Lifts to your workout. To help, Bauerfeind’s Sports Achilles Support provides extra stabil...

Knee SupportBodyweight Squat Variation Workout

Bodyweight Squat Variation Workout

The bodyweight squat is fundamental body movement that strengthens and tones the lower body. This functional exercise can be performed virtually anywhere with no equipment and little space, and bec...

Ankle SupportSingle Leg Squat Touch Workout

Single Leg Squat Touch Workout

The Single Leg Squat Touch is a movement that can help improve balance. This is a lower-body movement that can help improve balance, proprioception (or spatial awareness) and glute muscle strength....

WorkoutSide Plank Variations Workout

Side Plank Variations Workout

The side plank front kick is a compound exercise that targets the core, thighs, and glutes. Doing this exercise can help you build core strength, improve your stability and can also help you firm a...

Ankle SupportKnee Highs Workout

Knee Highs Workout

Don’t let the simplicity of this movement fool you: high knees can be a high-intensity cardiovascular exercise. Performing high knees gets your blood pumping while activating your core and strength...

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