Sports Ankle Support

Sports Ankle Support

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Sports support for the ankle
Stabilizes the ankle and helps to improve joint awareness.

The Sports Ankle Support holds the ankle securely in place during longer sporting activities and protects against painful sprains. The support’s beneficial compression and integrated taping strap stabilize the ankle. It is wound around the foot in a figure-of-eight configuration and tightened if needed. It lasts longer than conventional sport taping.

The knitted fabric gently massages the tissue during movement. The looped strap also exerts additional compression. This action stimulates circulation and the metabolism. This dual stimulation triggers positive sensorimotor feedback: The ligaments are relieved and the stabilizing muscles are activated more quickly, thus improving joint coordination in the long term. The support provides effective protection against lateral twisting. Overloading pain subsides more quickly and the adoption of relief postures is prevented.

The knitted fabric of the Sports Ankle Support is similar to a fine net made of an airy mesh and consists of a breathable, hard-wearing material. This makes the support especially lightweight, comfortable to wear, and practical for sports. Its anatomic contouring and taping strap guarantee a secure fit and maximum freedom of movement.

The Sports Ankle Support holds the ankle securely in place during sports and protects against sprains. The support stabilizes the joint through its integrated taping strap and massages the ankle during movement. This boosts sensorimotor function and improves coordination in the long term. Its airy knitted fabric is both hard-wearing and especially lightweight, fits perfectly, and stays in position securely.

> Stabilizes the ankle
> Improves coordination
> Guarantees maximum freedom of movement
> Light, airy knitted fabric made of hard-wearing material
> Anatomically shaped for a comfortable fit